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Philadelphia sleep doctor

Please meet our staff at Poly-Tech sleep Services.  Our priority is your satisfaction and a pleasant experience for our patients.  Nothing less than a 100% satisfaction is acceptable and all our staff members are dedicated to that end.

Prab R. Tumapti , M.D. finished his Residency in Internal Medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital. He is a Diplomat, American Board of Internal & Sleep Medicine.  He practices sleep medicine, obesity medicine, and internal medicine, and is the medical director of Poly-Tech SLeep Services. Dr Tumpati is staff sleep medicine physician at PMSI sleep wellness center in Pottstown, PA. Dr. Tumpati is also the medical director of Sleep Medical Associates sleep and W8MD medical weight loss center in Brooklyn, New York. As one of the few physicians in the area with a deeper training in the field of obesity medicine, and having passed a written board examination, Dr Tumpati is very knowledgeable in the concepts of obesity and sleep medicine, and the bidrectional relationship between sleep disorders and weight gain. Learn more about Dr. Tumpati and follow us on social media on our About us page.